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Introducing YG family!~ Style icon charisma leader G-Dragon!
Charisma, sexy sick-dol CL!
Strong Charisma TOP His eyes are so fierce
Killer smiles Taeyang and Daesung!
Park Bom! 2NE1’s sexy diva
Amazing vocals, Se7en!
Music’s super diva, Gummy!
Charisma dancing queen, Gong Minji!
YG’s hip hop master, Sean!
Crazily lovely Sandara Park!
This generation’s variety-idol, Seungri!
Are you guys ready to play today?
YG Family special! starting now!

Seungri talked about how he wants to be in Strong Heart Season 2, but was being completely ignored.
TOP: I will let everything out today. My nickname is bingu. On Family Outing, Daesung kept calling me Bingu.

Lee Seunggi (MC): How do you feel about your success
GD: We like it a lot. It was an album we made after a lot of hardships, so I think thats why many people are enjoying it.

GD: I think we have a good maknae.
TOP: Seungri even organizes our schedules sometimes.
MC: Wow you must organize schedules very well, you even have a pen in your ear. (referring to the earring)
TY: Seungri even got us a CF deal. With his connections we are filming one for the first time.
Psy: For that age, he has a really good business mind. He shakes everyones hand.
Tablo: He acts like the CEO. I met Seungri in a hallway, and he talked to me, but one time after that there were people around and he acted like he met me the first time.

Sean: Taeyang came into YG as “little sean” in the AYO music video. He portrayed Jinu and Sean in the music video. Our Harang has also been known as little Taeyang. So if Taeyang has a son, he will be Little Harang.

Daesung and Minji
“We don’t want to be paired.”
Minji: I really wanted to be with Se7en, my ideal type. Daesung is far from my ideal type..
Seunggi: What if Daesung confessed his love to you?
Daesung: Minji has the most aegyo in YG.

#1: Does YG look at physical appearance
Daesung: We do look at appearance, but if you pass 3.5/10, you pass.
Dara: We all have eye smiles. YG likes cute people.
Boom: Even Psy has an eyesmile.
Psy: Why is Boom like this to me.

Seunggi: Are you jealous of anyones appearance in YG family?
TOP: I’m jealous of Se7en. He always looks so young. His face is like a baby’s butt.
TY: I want to be reborn as Psy. I want to eat whatever I want. I’m jealous that Psy can do things without worries.

#2 YG Plays A Lot?
Tablo: YG is separated into two parts, before Psy and after Psy. I joined after Psy, but they don’t play very much.
Psy: Se7en is strong with alcohol. He is scary. He looks very happy, but when he is drunk, he stays happy, rather than becoming tipsy. He doesn’t get drunk very well. I haven’t been able to check if Taeyang is strng. But he claims to not get drunk.
TY: I’ve never been drunk before.
GD: Gummy noona can also drink a lot.
Gummy: We met after GD’s concert, but
[T.O.P walks away from the set]
Seungri: it’s like a dinosaur was walking by
Psy: He looked like he was being careful.
TOP: I need to go to the bathroom. I’ve held it in for a while now.

Gummy: We went to a club after GD’s concert. The next morning, I couldn’t remember, but I felt like something was wrong. I texted Se7en saying “I was odd last night, right?” And Se7en said “don’t ever drink again”
Apparently Sajangnim was DJ-ing, and I told him to stop the music, and I started singing Shim Soobong’s song in the middle of a hip hop club.

#3 YG Is An Angel

Seunggi: YG seems really warm and kind on KPOP Star.
Daesung: I’ve never seen him like that.
GD: I’ve never heard from his mouth that we did well.
Se7en: Show us him riding the rhythm if he likes something

Was there anything YG said that really disturbed you?
Seungri: One time he put on a daddy face and was like “Do you think ajusshi will say something nice or something mean. I’m saying you improved a lot. In the end, we won’t cast you for YG”
GD: Imitating YG is part of the audition, actually.

Seungri: I was called up recently. He said “Seungri, stand here.” I felt like something was wrong. For like 20 minutes he was just on the computer. I know this feeling well. He said “Why do you think I called you up?” So I knew I was getting in trouble. He told me to say what I did wrong. He said he knew everything so I should tell him. I told him I had no idea. He said “I called you up because you didn’t do anything wrong, but I feel like you’ll mess something up soon”

GD: The place to be punished is YG’s office. It’s the top of the building. There are a lot of smiling toys. While I’m getting punished, I feel like the toys are laughing at me.

TOP: I also collect these figures, so sometimes after I get punished, YG goes “TOP!” “Yes?” “You see the one two from the right? Isn’t it cute? Do you have that one or not?” “I don’t have it yet” “You won’t get it”

1 on 1 Talk Battle: Unbelievable
Big Bang Leader vs. Maknae!

GD: Seungri has always been good on Strong Heart, so I am nervous.

GD’s Talk: Fantastic Body
GD: Big Bang has been working out a lot, and we have revealed our bodies multiple times, but TOP never reveals his body. I don’t reveal it because I don’t have any, but TOP especially hides his body a lot He is very secretive. Still, he changes in the bathroom, and at concerts he even has his personal changing room.

GD: In Japan, we went swimming at the hotel we were at. We borrowed swimsuits from the hotel, so they were speedos. I thought it was a dream because TOP suddenly came up to me wearing his bathing suit. TOP suddenly seemed so sensual.
TOP: I was so excited so I was like “Guys!~” and I ran to them and they were like “way!!” It was like they saw a girl.
CL: I’ve actually seen him before. While I was a trainee, the gym was really small. I didn’t know he was in there, but he was changing.

Seunggi: Is your body nice?
GD: He wants people to touch him. I’ve touched all of the members bodies, but they don’t really tell me to touch them. TOP always comes near and is like “touch this”. His muscles are very strong.
Psy: I always tell him he is handsome, but I feel like he doesn’t know it. Recently while we did a concert before, he was looking at the mirror. I was telling him that he was handsome. Usually he denies it, but this time, he kept looking at the mirror.

GD: We sometimes film parodies to make our fans laugh. We do it to be funny, but TOP is always very serious. TOP could be more playful during the kiss, but he went in for the kiss more.

Seungri’s Talk
Seungri: The Sandara Park that you know is not true. She’s always like “I want to end the dating ban” This is a complete lie. While I became closer with her during Seungri Academy, and she texted me saying “Seungri, I am lonely”. I felt like I should take action, so I looked for men who are gentle and handsome~ Lee Seunggi style. I knew some people who want to be with Dara.

Seungri: Dara is past her mid 20s, so I wanted to help her not be lonely. I introduced her to man #1. She liked him a lot.
Dara: I’m not sure if he introduced me or not, but he never called.
Seungri: I then went on to #2. He is a man that is wanted by many girls in Korea. Lee Seunggi style~
Dara: This time, Seungri called, but CL took the phone and ended the call.
CL: I ended the call because of dating ban, and as leader…
Seungri: #3. He really wanted Dara. This man went to the door of Dara’s house and waited for her to come out.
Dara: Yes I hear this is true.
Seungri: On this cold day, #3 man came to see her, but she didn’t come out.
Dara: I was scared and I wasn’t sure if he liked me because of me. I felt like he might leave me if he got to really knew me.
Dara: I can’t answer phones because its too awkward. I would have answered if its text.
Se7en: She texts me a couple times a month asking “Do you know xxx? What is he like?” Dara has low standards.
Dara: I texted him about a person, and he tells me, “anyone but him”
Se7en: Sandara only likes younger boys. She says younger people don’t feel like men to her. She likes flower boys. Lee Seunggi style~

Taeyang VS. Tablo!

Tablo: Things that have changed me. I had no idea I would enter YG. I was surprised that Psy joined YG, too. I first thought that I want to join YG because my wife is in YG. I had a lot of hardships, and I had no manager and no company. I would wander around with a taxi or bus. I lectured at a certain university, and YG sent a van and two managers. We had no agreement, but just because I was Hyejung’s husband, they did this.

Tablo: YG said he was interested in the music I have been making. Apparently Hyejung has been wanting for this to happen. I wanted to start making music again. I sent a lot of demos I made. There was no answer for a long time. I felt like I was doing an audition. i thought that YG didn’t want me. Suddenly I got a text saying “I’m YG, I sent a mail so check it” I went to check it. I sent around 8 songs, and he sent an evaluate for each song. He wrote about why he likes which song, what music video would match what song.. After this mail, I was compelled to join YG.

Tablo: I came to visit, but YG told me we should record one song. Jiyong was producing in the other room, and YG told him “Tablo is joining YG.” Then he went to Taeyang and told him “You’re featuring in Tablo’s album”. That day, we finished recording Tomorrow.

TY: We listened to it that day and recorded it as well.

Tablo: Taeyang has a lot of fun while recording. He dances while listening to his recordings. I felt really awkward.

Does Hyejung match with YG?
Tablo: Yes. She matches well. She is like “Gasoline” by Jinusean. She has a gangster side. She really likes music, so that is why she liked me at first. At karaoke, she sings 2NE1 songs and dances. She also enjoys doing raps that have a lot of swear words.

CL and GD are both trying out Hyejung’s rap.
CL: I really hate Seungri. You do it…. (because Seungri suggested it)
Seungri tries.

Tablo: I get compared to Psy a lot. A lot of people get compared to handsome people like Won Bin within families. However, I get compared to Psy.

Tablo: People around me were upset because of my depressions. I was affecting everyone around me. A lot of times, people break because of these hardships, but for us, we are able to overcome it. I felt like she is my destiny. People thing they are very sad lyrics. But to me they are hope.

End. Tune in for the next episode next week!

Translations by @kristinekwak (Thank you so much!^^)
Skipped some parts (non-BB) but you can find them on @kristinekwak’s or @big_seunghyun’s Twitter feed 🙂


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