About 2NE1

Stage name: CL
Real name: Lee Chae Rin [이채린]
Position: leader, rapper & vocals
Date of birth: february 26 1991
Height: 162cm
Blood type: A
Specialties: Rapping,Singing,Dancing and speaks fluent English,Japanese & French
Featurings: Big Bang’s 2nd Mini-Album (Hot Issue) – Intro Hot Issue
– Uhm Jung Hwa’s 1st Mini-Album (D.I.S.C.O) DJ
– Big Bang’s 3rd Mini-Album (Stand Up) A Good Man
– YMGA’s Mini Album (Made in R.O.K) for What

Lee Chae-rin (born February 26, 1991), better known as CL (Korean: 시엘, Japanese: シーエル), is a South Korean idol rapper, singer , and dancer. She was born in Seoul, South Korea, but spent much of her early life in various places where she learned English, French, and Japanese. In 2009, she debuted along with YG Entertainment label mates Sandara Park, Gong Min-ji, and Park Bom as 2NE1.

CL has worked with Big Bang, Uhm Jung Hwa, YMGA, and Teddy Park. With 2NE1, she has released two extended plays, 2NE1 and 2NE1 2nd Mini Album, and one full length album, To Anyone. Her duet song with Gong Min-ji, “Please Don’t Go,” peaked at number 6 on the monthly Gaon Chart in November, 2009.

Stage name: sandara
Real name: sandara park [박산다라]
Position: vocals
Date of birth: november 12 1984
Height: 162cm
Blood type: A
Specialties: acting, tagalog, english & chinese
Pre-debut work and features:
– Philippines –
Reality – Star Circle Quest Contestant
Reality – SCQ Reload
TV Show – Ok Ako
TV Show – Sandara’s Romance
TV Show – ASAP Fanatic
Soap Opera – Krystala
Self-titled album – 60,000 copies sold
Movie – Bcuz of U
Movie – Can this be Love
Movie – Super Noypi

– Korea –
Drama – Return of Iljimae

Park Sandara (Korean: 박산다라, born November 12, 1984), better known as Dara (Korean: 다라; Japanese: ダラ), is a South Korean idol singer, actress, television host and model. She is best known as being a member and the Director of Communications of the Korean girl group 2NE1. However, she first gained major popularity on ABS-CBN’s Star Circle Quest during her stay in the Philippines. Her younger brother, Park Sang-Hyun (Thunder), is also in the entertainment industry as a member of a Korean boy band, MBLAQ in J.Tune Entertainment.

Stage name: Park Bom [박봄]
Real name: Lee Park Bom [이박봄]
Position: main vocals
Date of birth: march 24, 1984
Height: 165cm
Blood type: AB
Specialties: english, japanese, piano, flute & cello, singing, dancing
Features: –

– Big Bang’s 1st Single (We Belong Together) We Belong Together single & MV
– Big Bang’s 3rd Single (Forever With You) Forever With You single & MV
– Samsung Anycall’s Anystar MV with Lee Hyori &Lee Junki
– Lexy’s 3rd Album (Rush) Baby Boy
– Red Roc’s 1st Single (Hello) Track 03
– Kim Ji Eun’s Tell Me Once More MV
– Big Bang’s 2nd Japanese Mini-Album (With U) We Belong Together (English Version)

Park Bom (Korean: 봄, Japanese: ボム) (born March 24, 1984), is a South Korean idol singer, Born in Seoul, South Korea, she eventually moved to the United States where she learned English. She is the main vocalist of girl group 2NE1, where her stage name became solely “Bom” (Pronounced BOHM [stress the OH]). She is signed to YG Entertainment.

Starting in 2006, Park recorded with labelmates Big Bang, Lexy, and Masta Wu. She debuted with 2NE1 in 2009 as the main vocalist. The group’s debut extended play, 2NE1, would be the third best selling album of 2009 in Korea. For the band’s next album, Park sang her first solo single “You and I”. It reached number one on the Gaon Chart, the national music chart of Korea. The song would be later released on 2NE1′s next album, To Anyone, which would go on to sell over 120,000 copies.

Stage name: MinJi
Real name: Gong Min Ji [공민지]
Position: rapper & vocals, lead dancer
Date of birth: januay 18, 1994
Height: 161cm
Blood type: O
Specialties: Rapping,Dancing,Singing,Japanese,Chinese

Gong Minji (born January 18, 1994), more commonly known as Minzy (Korean: 민지; Japanese: ミンジ), is a South Korean idol singer, rapper and dancer. She was born in Seoul. She is currently the main dancer, lead singer and maknae of the Korean girl group 2NE1 which is signed to YG Entertainment.

Gong Minji debuted in 2009 with group 2NE1. Their first extended play, 2NE1 would go on to sell 100,000 copies in 2009. The follow-up studio album, To Anyone, sold 150,000 copies.


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