All About Minzy

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1.  Neneknya adalah Gong Okjin, A femous South Korean folk dancer

2. Dia lahir pada tanggal 18 january 1994

3. Neneknya memanggilnya dgn sebutan puppy

4. Dia di temukan oleh Presiden YG sendiri

5. Sampai sekarang minzy tidak mengetahui siapa yg memposting vidionya di situs YG , Vidio nya sendiri berisi perform kontes dance when saat dia berumur 5 tahun

6. Dia bergabung dgn YG entertainment saat berumur 6 tahun

7. Keluarganya pindah dari gwangju ke Seoul utk mendukung minzy saat dia menjalani training

8. Minzy went to the same dance company, Millyohrae Joy Dance Academy and Plug In Music Academy, with Bigbang’s Seung Ri, Yunho, and KARA’s Goo Hara.  

9.  dia seharusnya menjalani  debut di Jepang dgn  May Doni, yg telah meninggalkan YG

10. Dia memiliki macbook pro

11. Dia juga memiliki Nikon D3000 camera.

12. Pamannya Gong Myeong Gyu is a contemporary dancer  

13.  she is a very deep thinker

14. She has won several dance awards prior to her debut at various dance competitions. 

15. tingginya adalah 161cm

16. Golongan darahnya adalah O

17. Nama lengkapnya adalah Gong Min-ji

18. Dia dikenal sebagai “anak yang G-Dragon puja bahkan melebihi Seungri”

19. Dia awalnya tidak pede dgn  husky voice nya

20. Dia mengoleksi Gundam

21. Dia senang mengambil foto

22. Dia pernah memiliki cita2 sebagai photographer

23. dia antara para member, dia yg paling pintar memasak

24. She has a puppy called dougie

25. She has twitter -> @mingkki21

26. She is awesome in dancing

27. she is releasing MINZYTV video’s, she released already 3 video’s

28. She sings 24/7 even when theyre not on rehearsals

29. Yang goon sangat mencintainya , dan memberinya julukan ‘brilliance‘

30. Dia mengakui kalo dia memiliki masalah dlm memahami lirik

31. she loves cross stitching 

32. Dia adalah fans dari usher , Dia jatuh cinta dgn  Usher saat dia  perform secara live. “When I saw him, I was thinking to myself, how can a guy be so sexy” – Minzy

33. dia menjuluki dirinya sendiri bom junior because her diet

34. She cited famous entertainer Michael Jackson as her musical influence. 

35. Dia adalah member dari 문미엔 (Moonmien), yang berdiri untuk “Pertemuan Orang Kristen untuk pekerja2 media entertainment”.  bersamaan dengan Siwon (Super Junior), Tiffany, Yoona, Hyoyeon & Sooyoung (SNSD), Jungjoon, Kim Junghwa, Yang Donggeun, Kim Soohyun and Ryu Won.

36. She is christian

37. she is known of her tick lips 

38. she can dance sexy to any song, even when its a children song 

39. she loves to wear sexy clothes

40. she loves music from the 90′s to the 70′s [even 80’s trot song’s] 

41. she loves to read when she start at somthing she can’t stop or it’s to hard for her

42. She loves puppies but she scared of dogs

43. When She had been in YG Entertainment for 6 months, because her voice was naturally very powerful sounding that there was only one or two songs that she couldn’t reach, Minzy sung those songs till she hurt her throat and it landed her in a difficult position. At that time, she wanted to give up, but she received medical attention, practiced speaking again and was able to recover

44. She is a fan of Black Eyed Peas. She covered Fergie in one of her pre-debut videos before

45. She loves rock music like Oasis 

46. Minzy is good friends with the YG Dance groups HITECH & CRAZY

47. she sometimes keeps in contact with IU

48. she hates scary movies the most.

49. she speaks formally to Bom and Dara.  

50. she likes to eat bread and salad. and her favo ice flavor is rocky road  

51. she loves wearing training pants.

52. she know how to knit

53. the first CD she bought was ‘milkshake‘ by kelis  

54. When she is concentrating on someone during a conversation, she tends to lift and push her face towards the speaker. But now, she has fixed that habit a lot. According to Bom, it was a lot worse when she was younger.  

55. During her school days, Minzy favourite subjects were Korean language and Physical Education.  

56. When she was in Grade 5 & 6, she was the school announcer & class president. 

57. In grade 1, for dictation, Minzy got all 100%. In grade 2, she won a prose & poetry prize. In grade 3, a prize in the essay writing contest. In grade 4, a prize in a writing contest.  

58. When she was in elementary school she won 1st place in Arts competition. 

59. she wants to be a good maknae, and be the legendary, original magnae of YG.

60. she wants to be a singer-songwriter, someone who is good at everything.  

61. The first thing that she wants to do when she becomes legal is to get her driver’s license. However, this dorky maknae has no intentions of actually driving. She just wants the license.




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