ALL About Park bom

Credit : dari berbagai sumber

1. Dia lahir pada tanggal 24 march 1984 , di  Seoul, South Korea

2, dia pindah ke  USA Utk belajar saat dia berumur 6th

3. Dia bisa berbahasa  english, korean and japanese

4. Dia lulus dari sekolah tinggi di  Gould Academy in Bethel.

5. Dia melanjutkan kuliah di Lesley University with a major in Psychology.

6. Dia jatuh cinta dgn music karena pengaruh dari  Mariah carey

7. Dia sebenarnya ingin mengejar karir tapi tidak di ijinkan oleh orang tuanya .meski begitu ,dgn dukungan dari bibi nya , dia  Pindah ke Berklee College of Music  utk mengejar karir bermusik .

8. Dia pertama kali mencoba masuk ke  SMentertainent tapi mereka menolaknya.

9. Dia beberapa kali di tolak  audisi oleh YG, Tapi setelah 3 tahun dia akhirnya di terima.

10. Sebagai trainer dia belajar  japanese and mandarin.

11. dia mulai bernyanyi dgn menjadi featuring dlm BIGBANG’s ‘We Belong Together’ & ‘Forever With You,  dia  juga ikut bernyanyi dlm lagu Lexy’s ‘Baby Boy‘ & ‘Along My Way‘ and Together with Gummy and GD ‘Anystar’

12. She has a childish innocent expression and personality

13. She also starred With Lee Hyori in a Samsung Anycall CF

14. She released 2 Solo songs. ‘You & I‘  in 2009 which was ranked at #1 and ‘Don’t Cry‘ which released in 2011 who too was on #1 [places are from wikipedia]

15. Nama Inggris nya adalah Jenny Park

16. She used to live 6 years in the US

17. Tingginya adalah 165cm [5″4 feet]

18. her star sign is aries


20. Golongan darahnya adalah  AB

21. Dikatakan kalo dia memakan jagung Utk menurunkan berat badannya

22.  her favorite colors are green, pink and red

23. Her debut was on MBC show Music Core on November 25, 2006 alongside Big Bang’s GD and TOP performing Big Bang’s “Forever With You”.

24. She was hired as the Hyori look-alike for Lee Hyori’s last Anycall commercial film, prompting her to record her own version of Anystar, with G-Dragon replacing Lee Junki with his own version of lines.

25. She was featured in some songs by her seniors, namely Big Bang’s G-Dragon and T.O.P, Lexy and RedRoc together with Masta Wu.

26. she is the youngest child in her family but the eldest member in 2NE1.

27. she revealed that the group was originally planned by YG to be a 3 member group with Goo Hye Sun and Sandara Park.

28. she has 2 dogs: Choco and Danchoo (button).

29. she can play: piano, cello, flute.

30. Bom really likes to eat healthy foods and her favorite is deer belly button.

31. Bom has been revealed to be doing the “Lettuce Diet” to lose weight.

32. she is often mistaken to be the singer Dia. Fans have compared Dia’s looks and powerful vocals to Bom.

33. She is known to be a shy person, very secretive and emotionally touched quickly.

34. she used to sleep walk.

35. Teddy revealed that Bom is fond of drawing heart shapes in her lyrics.

36. Bom’s ideal type is Jay-Z.

37. She had a part in GD & TOP’s “Jibe Gajima” but was edited out.

38. Her nickname is “Bbang Bom,” meaning “Bread Bom”.

39. among the members she has the most number of fans in her individual fancafe in Korea.

40. She always eat in 2NE1TV or is HYPER like the other members

41. She get easily tired

42. She used to faint in bathroom

43, She has Lymph Node Disorders since predebut

44. She can dance but sometimes she not give her all out on stage & She doesn’t like exercising

45. She said to Minzy (in 2NE1tv) if she don’t eat that time she can’t move her mouth

46. To dara she said when they were in a plane “ahhhhhhh the wing is broken!!!” and dara was shaking so much!

47. Remember the cakes in the ‘You & I‘ MV? she ate them and running round the set

48. She has Korean accent but sometimes she can switch it to an American accent if she wants to

49. She close to GD and Taeyang the most in BIGBANG

50. Rarely see CLxBom moments but she really close to all 2NE1 members

51. She has beautiful teeth but barely show it when she smiles

52. She offered a Deer’s belly button candy to Teddy bcoz he looks exhausted

53. She can cook

54. JYP made a song “Scarecrow” for YG for Park Bom‘s Solo

55 She has suffered from multiple corn overdoses and outright corn addiction.

56. She has an older sister [Park Goeun] who was with her on NOLZA,

57. Bom feels lucky when she wear red underwear

58. She can’t go out w/o her celphone, make up kit and medicines.

59. Her first kiss happened in US at a hallway.



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